Digital Creative, Designer and Future Lions Winner




Graduation project in collaboration with Procter & Gamble and DOlce & Gabbana fragrances.


Brief: to bring “The One” back on the scene in a way that is relevant to a younger generation through a new media strategy. strengthen the existing brand among 25 year olds and build a communication strategy in digital, social and earned media as well as finding new channels. 

My Role: Art Director and Digital Creator

Team: Amelie farmer, digital creative

         Joar Lenz,Production manager

         Meri Kristen, art director

         Karin mohlin, stretegist

         Isak edvinsson, copywriter

         Nermin m-ali, public relations

         sara trangärd, graphic designer



The concept around what ”THE ONE” meant needed to change to be relevant to the younger audience D&G wanted to reach out to today. The idea became to use influencers via digital platforms online to create conversation and build a trust and be up to date, which D&G requested.

The concept of the campaign was already set by D&G and P&G which meant that the strategy and concept we created was around ”you’re the one”. We decided to change the meaning of  ”the one” and remove it from being a statement of who is the one and making people want to strive to be the one and ”you’re the one” in your uniqueness.

The campaign included social media competitions with especially chosen influencers. The competition was planned to take place on the influencers private social media channels, Instagram, and the finalists to be demonstrated and exposed on Dolce & Gabbana’s own Instagram along with a campaign website.

We chose not to create a website of its own to avoid friction and that the best solution was to create a sub heading on D&G’s existing website as you today can find everything about D&G there.

When designing the site and social media concept branding we were already handed a pattern and colour which was to be used. The damascus print was tricky and extravagant, just as classic D&G would be, though I proceeded to deconstruct it at use it in a new way instead of going full on damascus.

The result can be seen here on the right were I designed a website in the same style as D&G is today on their other pages, and using the material we were handed.